ForgeEssentials 1.4.1 for Minecraft 1.7.10 has been release just now!


  • New, more robust permission API which fixes a lot of problems with non-FE commands
  • Fixed spamming of “Command X already registerd” warnings
  • /help now hides WorldEdit commands by default (changeable in config)
  • Fixed /help crashing with broken commands (blame stupid modders for that)
  • Finally fixed FE client handshake – WorldEdit CUI etc. works directly now
  • Fixed bug with pattern commands
  • Added /backup command for manual backups
  • Fixed extraction of libraries required for FE
  • Improved /feinfo

You can view the full list of included commits here.

3 comments on “1.4.1 Release

  • Hey sorry to bother you guys, but I have utilized google, youtube videos, the curse page, and of course the FE wiki and I can’t seem to piece together the solution to a problem that I’m having. I am a High School teacher using MinecraftEDU and I have ForgeEssentials and a few other mods installed on a server we use for the school. I am trying to set up an economy for my Personal Finance class and for some reason none of my students can use /wallet. I can use it fine, but it seems that is because I am an OP. In addition, I did my best to add the wallet permission to the ALL group and that doesn’t seem to do it either. Is there anywhere else I can look for a better idea on how FE works, and how the economy mod works specifically so I can solve this issue? Thanks!

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