Ok so we had some problems with the ForgeEssentials client handshake for quite a while now. Most of the times it would not do the handshake correctly, resulting in pretty much no working FE client features at all.

The problem was that the client often sent the handshake too early, making the server somehow not receive the message correctly. This would make it necessary to run “/feclient reinit” to get the client features working.

This has not been fixed by introducing a one second delay before sending the handshake from the client. Now the client handshake properly works and WorldEdit CUI properly shows up by default.

At the same time I fixed the 1.8 release which was unusable by default because it extracted two WorldEdit jars – one of them being the development version of WorldEdit – which would make the server crash. This has been fixed now and I encourage all users to test the 1.8 release a bit and report any problems.

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