Plenty of things have been happening in FE since we last updated this site, especially of late, so I though I’d drop you guys a quick update..

1.8.0 has been permanently discontinued, the final releases are on our curseforge page.

As for 1.8.9, since we have some awesome stuff that we’re working on now (we’ll share more info later), we want to make sure 1.8.9 users can also benefit from this new awesome stuff. I’ll put out a 1.8.9 release on curseforge once we get this done.

Hence, even though we’re maintaining a 1.10.2 branch, please don’t expect 1.10.2 builds to start until 1.8.9 is discontinued, which will only happen after the “awesome stuff” is done.

I guess that should be all for now, then.

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