So with the recent release of Minecraft Forge for 1.8.9, and plenty of servers expressing interest in the new version, we are planning to soon retire support for Minecraft 1.8.0. We will still publish builds for Minecraft 1.7.10, but our 1.8.x branch will switch to targeting 1.8.9 instead. This will allow us to do a… Read More

It’s been more than two months since an updated 1.8 build has been posted to CurseForge, so I’m making a quick post today to let everyone know that I’ve uploaded build 54 to CurseForge as a stable release. This new build contains quite a lot of fixes and improvements. This will probably be the second… Read More

In the builds #812 – #828 on 1.7.10 or a build lower than #16 on 1.8, the permissions will not work correctly and players could basically use any command they want. If you are any of these builds, you should update directly.… Read More

Ok so we had some problems with the ForgeEssentials client handshake for quite a while now. Most of the times it would not do the handshake correctly, resulting in pretty much no working FE client features at all. The problem was that the client often sent the handshake too early, making the server somehow not… Read More

Just before I set up a build job in Jenkins to build FE for 1.8 and now we have first EXPERIMENTAL builds available for you to play around it. We do not recommend to use these builds for 1.8 on any bigger public server yet because we could not test much of it yet. As… Read More