It is with a heavy heart that I must write this post, but I just felt that it has to be said. As some of you have probably noticed, I (luacs1998) have been taking a lesser and lesser role in the Minecraft community over the past year or two. Frankly speaking, I might have a… Read More

Alright, I know it’s been a while, you haven’t heard anything from us in the meantime, but I have a question to ask. We’re planning to start pushing out a proper 1.10.2 release soon, but before that, I’d like to conduct a quick survey. How should we support 1.10.2? Loading poll… I will close this… Read More

We finally managed to get the /vanish command back for you! This command lets your own player disappear from all others view which can be useful for quite a lot of things (including trolling). The current implementation basically fakes the player’s death to all other players, making him not appear for them any more. However… Read More

With the new 1.4.2 versions, the FE client now also loads the Mixin library which allows us to easily include patches to Minecraft code. The first thing we are using that for is the newly added, long missed and highly requested /reach command, which allows you to change the reach distance you can place and… Read More

ForgeEssentials 1.4.1 for Minecraft 1.7.10 has been release just now! Changelog: New, more robust permission API which fixes a lot of problems with non-FE commands Fixed spamming of “Command X already registerd” warnings /help now hides WorldEdit commands by default (changeable in config) Fixed /help crashing with broken commands (blame stupid modders for that) Finally… Read More

In the builds #812 – #828 on 1.7.10 or a build lower than #16 on 1.8, the permissions will not work correctly and players could basically use any command they want. If you are any of these builds, you should update directly.… Read More

Ok so we had some problems with the ForgeEssentials client handshake for quite a while now. Most of the times it would not do the handshake correctly, resulting in pretty much no working FE client features at all. The problem was that the client often sent the handshake too early, making the server somehow not… Read More

Just before I set up a build job in Jenkins to build FE for 1.8 and now we have first EXPERIMENTAL builds available for you to play around it. We do not recommend to use these builds for 1.8 on any bigger public server yet because we could not test much of it yet. As… Read More