Stable Releases

If you are looking for stable releases, please head over to ForgeEssentials on Curse as you indirectly support us by using their service.



We have a build server running which will compile new builds as soon as changes are committed.
This means you will always get the latest features, but nightly builds are not always stable and bugs can happen.
However we still encourage using the latest builds, as we need the feedback to further improve ForgeEssentials.
If you experience a bug, be sure to report it on the GitHub Issue Tracker. Most bugs will be solved within one or two days after they were reported.

Jenkins build server for 1.10.2

Jenkins build server for 1.7.10


Static links / Automatic updates

Below you can find static links to the latest nightly and stable builds (without the appended version number).
This is useful for automatically updating / downloading the latest releases of ForgeEssentials.

You can use the following shell script as an example, to always download the latest nightly build of ForgeEssentials before starting your server.
Just be sure to exchange the link with the version you want to use (1.7.10 / 1.10.2 and nightly / stable).

wget -N '' -P mods/
java -jar forge-universal.jar nogui

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