The most powerful server management mod for Minecraft

ForgeEssentials makes minecraft server management more powerful than ever before


FE adds the most powerful permission system ever seen in Minecraft. Make usergroups and restrict permissions for guests to keep your server grief-free. With over 250 basic permissions and hundreds of block- / item-based permissions there is nearly nothing you cannot do.


Adds over 80 new commands to control everything on your server and provide useful features for your players.
For example: /invsee, /home, /back, /spawn, /enchant, /dechant, /repair, /afk, /heal, /fly, /locate, /speed, /butcher, /pregen, /kit, /trade, /sell, /wallet, /drop, /craft and many more!


ForgeEssentials already includes the powerful, well known utility mod WorldEdit by sk89. If you use the ForgeEssentials client mod, you also get a nice, useful WorldEdit CUI to help you selecting the correct areas.


Fully configurable backup system which can backup your worlds without needing a server restart. Control which dimensions and files to backup, the delay between backups and set how many latest, daily and weekly backups to keep.


The Playerlogger module logs every player interaction with your server and provides you with powerful tools to check these logs. Someone stole another player’s diamonds from his chest? No problem! Check the access log to the chest and find out who was the culprit!


The new Remote API of ForgeEssentials allows remote access to your server for admins and players.
Any actions or commands used via remote are linked to the player account and are controlled by permissions as well. Allow users to chat with others on your server without requiring them to launch Minecraft. (Android App in development!)


Multiworld allows you to create individual dimensions on your server. Want a second overworld? No problem! Create and delete multiworlds on-the-fly while your server is running!


The Economy module allows players to trade items or sell / buy them from your server. You can also require players to pay in order to use some commands!


Configure individual worldborders to restrict your players movement

Looking for the downloads? Click here!